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Reckless decision – The Connecticut Post Online: “It’s truly tragic when the staff of a federal agency accedes to the desecration of a fragile waterway such as Long Island Sound to benefit private energy interests. Yet, that’s what the staff of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission does by concluding that a $700 million liquefied natural gas terminal proposed for the Sound would have no major environmental impact on the region.”

Sound The Alarm — “Gov. M. Jodi Rell had justification for effectively declaring an all-out war Friday on plans to build the potentially hazardous Broadwater liquid natural gas facility in the middle of Long Island Sound, just 11 miles from Branford.”


Time To Take Politicians Out Of Energy Plans? – “Too much valuable editorial space has been consumed by endless and pointless arguments on global warming. Attention should be addressed to the No. 1 issue: Development of clean renewable power plants and locomotive power generation.”

Companies Should Take Lead On Transit For Workers — “The Hartford’s proposal to alleviate its parking problems by tearing down another part of the city is of a piece with the city’s postwar pattern of demolition and parking development. But as other major companies across the country have come to realize, this is a backward solution, one that works against the development of walkable, mixed-use, interesting cities.”

Dredging Will Deepen Town’s Vital Artery – “Cove’s shrinking depth has been particularly hard on maritime Old Saybrook”

Many upset with Flatto decision – The Connecticut Post Online: “FAIRFIELD — First Selectman Kenneth Flatto’s decision to boot the town’s Conservation Department off the biggest proposed development in town history still rankles some residents.”

State moves ahead on plan for rest areas – The Advocate: “The state is completing a list of recommendations for its controversial plan to upgrade and expand highway rest areas and truck parking.”

Justification for targeting swans is questionable – Greenwich Time: “My view of the state Department of Environmental Protection’s Wildlife Division, as negative as it already was, has just spiraled even further into an abyss (‘Officials may consider reducing swan numbers,’ Greenwich Time, Jan. 7).”

A Country View — “LONGTIME RESIDENT IRA SHAPIRO raises Cleveland Bay horses on his 140-acre farm in West Cornwall. Shapiro, who has been involved with land preservation for years, recently bought a 25-acre farm parcel in Washington, Conn.”

Panel to discuss demolition delay regulations – The Advocate: “The preservationists … say they want to preserve buildings two generations old … Norwalk Preservation Trust President Tod Bryant said significance is the issue in historical preservation, not age … Modeled on a similar policy in Danbury, the ordinance is designed to create jobs in Norwalk, but its implementation is not simple and there are questions about how enforceable it is, Brown said.”

Town, pollution panel start over – “CLINTON — Trying to set aside their differences and resume productive work on a state-mandated plan, selectmen and the Water Pollution Control Commission are working to find the land needed to resolve town wastewater treatment problems.”

Heat melts warmists – The Republican-American: “The recent respite from winter that saw Connecticut and the rest of the Northeast set temperature records is over. (The forecast, for what it’s worth, predicts a reality check: more seasonable temperatures this week, followed by Arctic cold next week.)” (Highs in the 20s Monday, Tuesday and Friday according to my Accuweather forecast).

There's Hope For The Slopes — “If Powder Ridge is to survive, Leavitt said, it must be a year-round operation; a lack of snowfall in past years kept it from operating successfully on a seasonal basis. He said his all-season resort plan could generate tax revenue and jobs while still providing the amount of open space residents would like to see preserved on the mountain.”

Deciding Krell Farm’s Fate — “FARMINGTON – The big question in Farmington over the weekend turned on the Krell Farm. Dozens of people converged there Sunday, touring its 98 acres of mostly hard, flat land by foot, or riding over it in an open wagon pulled by a pair of enormous draft horses. A referendum is scheduled for Thursday, when voters will decide whether the town should buy 90 of the farm’s 98 acres for $6.75 million, in order to preserve the land as open space.”

Krell Farm vote: Some don’t buy it – “If residents approve the purchase, the farm will remain in use by Patty Krell, daughter of the late Peter and Mary Krell, and be treated as open space. At a meeting held Monday, residents learned more about the purchase — and some didn’t like what they learned.”

Path of resistance – “DANBURY — When town leaders here and in New Fairfield announced plans to build a walking trail along Margerie Reservoir last year they spoke only of the positives — of an easy-to-walk, paved trail around a beautiful body of water that everyone could use. Steve Greenberg isn’t buying a word of it.”

Moving ahead and preserving history – “MIDDLETOWN — In the wee hours of the morning an historic Federal Colonial home was slowly and carefully moved to a new location where it will soon be transformed into four bright new condominiums. … The new condominiums will help change that by bringing more homeowners to the area and by fixing up some of the run down buildings. Saving the Liberty Street home also pleases preservationists.”

Gungywamp Adventures – “solated Gungywamp in northwest Groton displays irregular ridges, scattered colonial sites, meandering stone walls and some mysterious stone remains. Interspersed with bog and swamp, the land has remained undeveloped for centuries … I’ve heard that much of the land may be acquired by the State of Connecticut for preservation. That would be a happy solution. By Carol Kimball.”

Toss Out Science And Watch The Fun Begin – A letter to the editor of The Day: “Science is a liberal plot. I just wish more people understood that. Hopefully our great country will finally get what it wants, and elect a real demigod who will outlaw crackpot ideas like evolution and global warming. Then we can go back to doing what we do best, being fruitful, multiplying and consuming all that has been put on this great Earth solely for our use.”
Did someone say ‘crackpot?’


Builder was green before it was cool – “Environmentally friendly homes will grow from 2% of all homes built in 2005 to about 10%, or $38 billion, of the new-home market by 2010, according to the National Association of Home Builders and McGraw-Hill Construction.”

'Green' Building Planned for Yorkshire – “A developer wants to build a mixed-use ‘green’ building along Centreville Road (Route 28) that would be taller than Manassas Park’s water tower and one of the most innovative structures in Virginia.”

Inside the green designer home – New York Times: … Despite its transparent nature, the house feels private … a bicyclist riding by on the street, maybe 80 feet away, makes eye contact with me and pedals on … If this were my home, the bicyclist would have seen me standing in boxer shorts eating cereal out of the box.


Nassau vote may spur showdown over sewer takeover — “Nassau County Executive Thomas Suozzi says the county legislature has enough information to vote today on his proposal to take over three local sewer districts – Glen Cove, Cedarhurst and Lawrence – but he conceded that some of the data were provided only at the last minute.”

Soon, a public place — “For Amanda Bellois-Roberts and her father, grandfather, uncles and cousins, the 26-acre property in Oyster Bay Cove known as the Littauer estate has always been home, work and a retreat all in one. Nestled just south of Route 25A, the acres of gardens, pastures and ponds are a haven from the incessant traffic along the road. … The parcel was acquired by the Town of Oyster Bay in July and eventually will be opened to the public, possibly later this year.”


Maine commission to weigh 2 wind-power projects – The Boston Globe: “AUGUSTA, Maine – With Maine’s spot as New England’s largest generator of wind power already well-established, state regulators are expected today to consider two more projects that would produce enough clean power to keep the lights glowing and toasters cooking in more than 70,000 homes.”

AlterNet: Environment: Ski Resorts Are Reinventing Themselves in the Face of Global Warming: “You know things are bad when ski resorts have to reinvent themselves into ‘sun and fun’ parks with bumper boats and miniature golf.”

A Starting Point for Productive Climate Discourse – Dot Earth – Climate Change and Sustainability – New York Times Blog: “To try to rein in and focus the discussion just a bit, I’ve decided to put up this post as a work in progress, aimed at establishing a list of basic facets of the climate and energy challenge that are not in reasonable dispute (with more to come).”

Auto Industry Shows Off Fuel-Efficiency — “DETROIT – Hybrids, advanced diesels and green alternatives are pushing aside the traditional displays of speed and chrome at this week’s Detroit auto show, a nod to a new fuel-efficient reality for car makers.”

Products: Honda offers Pilot prototype; pickups duel – “Honda Motor unveiled a prototype of the next-generation Pilot sport-utility vehicle, similar to the production model that will debut this spring.”

Running on Alternative Fuels – “The auto industry is betting that more American drivers are ready to put good-old gasoline in their rear-view mirrors. … Yesterday, General Motors Corp. announced it is taking an undisclosed stake in a new cellulosic-ethanol company, Coskata Inc., based in Warrenville, Ill.”

Toyota Will Offer a Plug-In Hybrid by 2010 – New York Times: “DETROIT — The Toyota Motor Corporation, which leads the world’s automakers in sales of hybrid-electric vehicles, announced Sunday night that it would build its first plug-in hybrid by 2010.”

Gadgets dumped in land fills unleash toxins — “Old computers, cell phones and TVs shoved aside by more glamorous gadgets that are incessantly updated … have unleashed a growing tide of unwanted electronics … and can poison groundwater or pollute the air when products are dumped in landfills or burned in incinerators.”

Escalating Ice Loss Found in Antarctica – “Climatic changes appear to be destabilizing vast ice sheets of western Antarctica that had previously seemed relatively protected from global warming, researchers reported yesterday, raising the prospect of faster sea-level rise than current estimates.”

Eco-Patent Commons shares earth-friendly tech – New York Times: “IBM on Monday will announce the creation of an Eco-Patents Commons–shared innovations geared at environmental sustainability–with the participation of Sony, Nokia, and Pitney Bowes.”

Colorado Approves Funds to Feed Wildlife – New York Times: “GUNNISON, Colo. (AP) — The Colorado Wildlife Commission has authorized money to help feed wildlife in the Gunnison Basin because of extreme weather.”

Strong Action Urged To Cut Md. Energy Use – “Maryland should force utilities to take aggressive steps to cut energy consumption, and the state should create a multimillion-dollar fund to give homeowners an array of incentives to use less power, Gov. Martin O’Malley’s top energy advisers will recommend today.”

Fairmont Hotels Measuring Its Carbon Footprint · Environmental Leader · Green Business and Corporate Sustainability News: “Fairmont Hotels and Resorts and WWF have announced a new partnership to measure Fairmont’s carbon footprint and set a CO2 reduction target by June 2008. The goal is to develop a Fairmont-wide emission reduction plan.With the new policies in place, Fairmont hopes to become a member of WWF’s global Climate Savers program.”


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