has green options for new commercial ice machine and commercial ranges

Sep 11th, 2008 | By | Category: Water is the industry authority on restaurant equipment. Whether your food service establishment is in the market for a new commercial ice machine or a commercial range, check out all of the options at

The food service industry is buzzing with the idea of “going green.” As the earth’s resources are strained and rising costs continue to squeeze profits, implementing environmentally friendly practices has become a responsible and smart business strategy.
Save Money

Even if the environment were not an issue, going green would still save you a lot of money on utilities in the long run.

* Lower energy bills. An upgrade to energy-efficient equipment can almost halve your energy usage, and local governments and utility companies around the country offer substantial rebates for consumers purchasing ENERGY STAR® qualified equipment. » Learn more

* Lower water bills. Taking steps to conserve water can save you a surprising amount of money on your next utility bill, and due to fresh water shortages, water prices could soon begin inflating as rapidly as energy costs. » Learn more

* Improve worker productivity. Studies show that using energy-efficient equipment and green cleaning supplies improves worker productivity by reducing heat levels and the presence of hazardous chemicals.
» Learn more

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