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Jul 29th, 2009 | By | Category: Water Conservation

Energy Alternatives releases energy saving Greenward Ridge Vent | CT Environmental Headlines: New York, N.Y. — Connecticut-based Energy Alternatives recently announced the introduction of the patent pending Greenward Ridge Vent for homeowners.

The Greenward Ridge Vent harvests ambient hot attic air as it escapes through the ridge of your roof. The thermal heat is then used as a form of renewable energy to heat the incoming water into your hot water tank. Homeowners consume less energy, reduce their CO2 emissions and save money. Energy Alternative has partnered with Benjamin Obdyke Incorporated to aid in the development of the product.

The Greenward Ridge Vent and Greenward Ridge Vent System are products of a 3-year sustainable research initiative by Energy Alternatives.

“We make it possible and affordable for every homeowner to have a direct impact on their carbon footprint while ventilating their attic” saidi Kevin B. Scott, President of Energy Alternatives, LLC.

As hot attic air escapes through the ridge of a roof, it passes over flexible tubes contained in the ridge vent material. The hot attic air heats the tubes that carry an environmentally friendly water/corn based glycol solution. A circulator pump pushes the hot solution in a closed loop into a hot water storage tank where it heats incoming city or well water. When a hot water is in use, it gets replenished with hot water heated by the attic air.

“With today’s focus on energy conservation and alternative energy sources, Energy Alternatives’ idea of utilizing the heat from the attic is a smart concept,” said Michael Coulton, Director of Marketing and Product Development for Benjamin Obdyke. “Marrying our technology of venting heat from the attic and preventing it from causing damage with their ideas for capturing it and putting it to use saving people money, is a great combination.”

Scott said the Energy Alternative’s partnership with Obdyke ensures the Greenward Ridge Vent is the best next generation ridge vent material on the market.

With a manufacturing facility in Manchester, Connecticut, Energy Alternatives is committed to sustainable energy and making it affordable for everyone.

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