Is Cornwall, Connecticut really ‘the greenest town’ in CT? | CT Environmental Headlines

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Is Cornwall, Connecticut really ‘the greenest town’ in CT? | CT Environmental Headlines: An attentive reader brought to my attention the fact that the website for the Town of Cornwall states in its banner that it is the “greenest town in CT,” as well as the fact that is the home of the famous mid-19th Century wooden lattice truss covered bridge over the Housatonic River.

When I inquired with the town of Cornwall, I heard back from someone (they only identified themselves as “Lazlo”) that it was “in the papers at one point about a year or so ago,” and that if I had information to the contrary to please let him (or her) know.

So, I’m posing this question to readers: Is the Town of Cornwall really “The greenest town in CT”?

A quick search on CT Environmental Headlines for “Cornwall” reveals that on May 8 I posted a story about the Cornwall Energy Task Force being among eight individuals or organizations honored by Gov. M. Jodi Rell with the 2009 Connecticut Climate Change Leadership Award for their innovative efforts to address global climate change.

Also in May the Cornwall Energy Task Force was honored by a governor’s committee for their accomplishments promoting clean energy and environmentally friendly actions.

In April I posted a story from the Litchfield County Times that said West Cornwall resident Harry Colley was reflecting on the success his line of home cleaners-marketed under the company name Cloverdale-has had over the last 21 years.

In March, the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund named the town as one of only nine municipalities in the state to receive a 2009 Connecticut Clean Energy Award.

Cornwall also used solar energy to power the LED lights on its 70-foot spruce Christmas tree that has been a holiday mainstay in the town for more than three decades.

These are all great things that have happened and clearly great strides are being made by Cornwall officials. I certainly don’t want to make any enemies over this. Nor do I want to dissuade anyone from further achievements in saving energy, improving the environment and health of their community or contributing to a better climate for all. I’m just curious as to whether there are other towns who would dispute Cornwall’s claim as being the greenest town in Connecticut.

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