Timeless East River, Kayaker’s Dream – Guilford Courier

Jul 30th, 2009 | By | Category: River, Water Conservation, Wildlife

Timeless East River, Kayaker’s Dream – Guilford Courier: “Seemingly traced freehand through a tidal wilderness, the Hammonassets called it Aigicomock. The Mohegans dubbed it Moosamuttuck. We know it as the East River, the stream that meanders beneath the Clapboard Hill Road bridge. For kayakers, it’s a little piece of paradise.

The East River’s brackish water, grass, and mud are home to more than the crab. Formed by receding glaciers thousands of years ago, the East River Marsh Wildlife Management Area, as it is officially known, is home to “the only known population of the State-endangered Least Shrew in Connecticut,” according to the State Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). It also supports a “significant population of the Diamondback Terrapin, (a species the state has designated for “greatest conservation need”), as well as the Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrow and Seaside Sparrow, both of which are on the National Audubon Society’s Watch List “of species of highest conservation concern.””

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