Turf war brewing over W. Haven field – The New Haven Register

Aug 31st, 2009 | By | Category: Artificial turf, Health

WEST HAVEN — West Haven High School is the latest in the state to shed its old artificial turf for a newer, purportedly safer lead-free version of the fake grass.

via Turf war brewing over W. Haven field – The New Haven Register.

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One Comment to “Turf war brewing over W. Haven field – The New Haven Register”

  1. kbear says:

    How did they dispose of the old plastic rug? a landfill?
    Read this quote and think a second: “it really is something to see. It looks likes grass,” Cavallaro said of the new field”. It’s plastic folks. a plastic rug with pulverized tires between the blades. Take a dark plastic bag and put it in the sun for a while- – I’ll wait. Now touch it. OK then.
    I’ve monitored the temperature of newly installed plastic/tire crumb artificial turf fields – the green plastic heats up to high temperatures – the highest temp we measured so far was 70 degrees higher than grass on a 92 degree sunny day. In contrast the white plastic turf rolls were 40 degrees cooler than the green or dark blue. The plastic turf comes in an array of colors and a lighter color would be much safer for all the children and others who use the field. The only reason to make it green is psychological – deception for those looking at but not having to play on the scorching hot field. They can pretend its grass and let the kids suffer.

    It’s time adults took some responsibility!

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