Milford company reduces carbon footprint by 103 tons with new heat pumps

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Representatives of the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund (CEEF), Southern Connecticut Gas Co. and United Illuminating recognized Northeast Electronics Corporation of Milford for its participation in CEEF’s Energy Conscious Blueprint Program and for taking significant energy efficiency measures.

Northeast Electronics president Armand J. Cantafio said the installation of Robur reversible natural gas-fired heat pumps was part of the company’s continuing efforts to become more energy efficient. He also said the installation helped the company, which has been in Milford since its founding nearly 50 years ago, hire 21 new employees since December of 2009. The company is now located at 455 Bic Dr.

“It would be highway robbery for legislators to take a ratepayer fund to solve a taxpayer problem,” said Energy Conservation Management Board (ECMB) Vice-Chairperson Richard Steeves. The $1.50 that ratepayers pay for every $100 on their electric bills for energy efficiency was intended to reduce usage, save ratepayers money, and help meet environmental goals.”

L-R, United Illuminating's Pat McDonnell, President of Northeast Electronics Corp. Armand J. Cantafio, State of Connecticut Principal Utilities Finance Specialist and Energy Conservation Management Board Vice-Chairperson Richard Steeves, Director of Marketing and Sales with Connecticut Natural Gas and Southern Connecticut Gas, John Dobos.

Created in 1998 by the Connecticut Legislature, the ECMB assists the state’s utility companies in developing and implementing cost-effective conservation programs to meet the state’s energy needs.

With the approval of the Department of Public Utility Control (DPUC), the ECMB also guides the distribution of the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund, money raised to support energy efficiency programs and initiatives through a surcharge on customer electric bills.

These programs are implemented and administered by Connecticut Light & Power and United Illuminating, who are also accountable for the attainment of established performance goals approved by the DPUC and ECMB, including the reduction of overall energy consumption and the alleviation of stress on Connecticut’s transmission lines.

Some contend that stripping the CCEF and CEEF monies for the benefit of the state budget would be detrimental to the state and to towns. Without the funds being used for their intended purposes, Bruce Hampson, a member of Wilton’s energy commission, said electrical rates would increase, the Wilton Bulletin reported. Wilton Energy Commission Chair Dona Pratt said Wilton residents and businesses have received $287,427 in CEEF funds from Connecticut Light and Power since 2008.

The energy commission recently determined that over the past three years, the town has consumed 12% less energy in its municipal and school buildings, a savings of nearly $145,000.

Northeast Electrical Corporation's state-of-the-art 40,000-sq-ft facility is designed and equipped for the production of hermetically sealed components to the commercial, military and industrial marketplace.

The Robur heat pumps installed at Northeast Electrical Corporation have helped the company achieve energy efficiency improvements that have reduced its carbon footprint by 103 tons annually and cut its gas costs by more than $23,000 annually.

Beardsley Zoo was recognized last year for its energy efficiency measures.

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