‘Anti-planner’ has vision for state’s traffic problems

Apr 14th, 2010 | By | Category: Energy Conservation, Smart Growth, Transportation

Randal O’Toole has visionary ideas about how to fix the state and the nation’s traffic problem. O’Toole, an author and a fellow at the Cato Institute, is a self-described “anti-planner.”

He took his message (he doesn’t like zoning laws or the concept of smart growth, or the idea of expanding the nation’s rail system) to Trinity College, where he warned about 100 students that government officials planning for rail expansion “want to change not just how we get around, but how we live.” [HORRORS!]

via ‘Anti-planner’ has vision for state’s traffic problems | The Republican-American.

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One Comment to “‘Anti-planner’ has vision for state’s traffic problems”

  1. Charles Nobilski says:

    You think that expanding the roads will reduce traffic? We have been doing that as a nation for a long time and it has not helped. We need LESS cars on the road. I’m all for Rail.

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