Writer-actor John Leguizamo’s ‘green limo’ is saving the world

May 6th, 2010 | By | Category: Bicycling, Transportation

New York (CNN) — Biking gets you places faster, reduces your carbon footprint, lowers noise, makes you fit and lowers your stress level — unless you get impaled on the door of a suddenly opened cab or cut off by a guy from New Jersey.

When writer-actor John Leguizamo shows up to do a show in New York, fans outside the theater are surprised to see him ride up on a bicycle. “People go, ‘Hey, John, I thought you’d be in a limo'”

“This is my limo, my green limo. I’m saving the planet for your kids and your grandkids,” says the performer, who has starred in award-winning one-man shows on Broadway and appeared in dozens of films and TV shows.

via My ‘green limo’ is saving the world – CNN.com.

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