Preserve Plum Island: Editorial

May 27th, 2010 | By | Category: Land, Wildlife

Conservation groups are pushing for Plum Island, home to hundreds of avian and plant species, to become a national wildlife refuge, complete with public hiking trails.

We like this idea – at least the refuge concept. Let the loons, scoters, buffleheads, piping plovers and terns have the run of the place, along with wild orchids and other rare plants. As for setting foot on Plum Island, we might wait a bit for the dust – and viruses – to settle.

via Preserve Plum Island | The Day.

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One Comment to “Preserve Plum Island: Editorial”

  1. Remy C. says:

    Animals have been flying and swimming deadly diseases off this forsaken rock for decades, which should have been fully quarantined after its first breech long ago. What’s done is done. Let them have the run of the place.

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