GOVERNMENT On Plum Island’s Future

May 28th, 2010 | By | Category: Land, Long Island Sound

Despite the federal government’s plans to sell Plum Island to the highest bidder, it appears that Southold Town will have the ultimate say over what can and cannot be built there if it is sold privately.

And after two hearings on both sides of Long Island Sound, residents, environmental advocates, and elected officials have said they would like to see Plum Island stay very much the way it is and not become a massive retirement community, resort, casino, or other high-intensity development.

via GOVERNMENT On Plum Island’s Future – The East Hampton Star – News.

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One Comment to “GOVERNMENT On Plum Island’s Future”

  1. Remy C. says:

    Finally, they’re packing it up and leaving… that’s a sigh of relief I’m sure, except for all the silently suffering victims (myself included) of this atrocious facility… That they’re even talking about making it a residential area is a spooky notion, (why not a b-movie horror theme park?) and one thrown in there I’m sure to alleviate fears this move will trigger by once again bringing attention to the island. I’m sure it will remain as it is, but finally empty, for another generation… and it’s as it should be. This is a surprisingly interesting article in that it starts softly, gently, with little mention of the island’s Dr. Moreau past, until the third paragraph, sweetly calling it an animal disease center, but finally bringing up the book Lab 257 towards the end, for those who had the patience to read that far down. Otherwise it just looks from the headline to simply be another benign land sale, and not what it really is, dumping on the open market one of the most toxic place on Earth. Good riddance!

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