Researcher Studying State’s Elm Trees

May 31st, 2010 | By | Category: General, River

Christian Marks, a flood plain ecologist for the Nature Conservancy, has been studying the trees and wildlife along the Connecticut River flood plain. He is particularly interested in the American Elm tree, a species that was decimated by Dutch Elm Disease.

Searching for elm seeds is just one of the items on Marks’ to-do list, as he is a year into a study of flood plain forests — one of the rarest ecosystems — along the Connecticut River and its tributaries. Marks, a flood plain ecology research associate working on the study for The Nature Conservancy, has visited 90 sites within the river’s watershed throughout New England. Marks is hoping the field work — including measuring trees and observing flora and fauna — will help the Conservancy find the best areas to preserve and restore the flood plain forests. Elm trees are a critical part of the health of flood plains in the Northeast.

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