Faster, smarter trains to save millions

Jul 5th, 2010 | By | Category: Business, Energy Conservation, Energy Efficiency, Transportation

Taking an age-old mode of transportation and giving it a boost of 21st Century technology, that’s what GE’s RailEdge Movement Planner does for freight rail travel. It’s essentially a breakthrough software system that serves as an air traffic control system for freight rail. It helps railroads take into account train schedules, traffic control systems and train movements relative to each other and comes up with an optimized traffic plan for the trains, even down to the best speed at which to travel to keep the flow going throughout the railroad.

Track star: Without movement planner, a freight train leaving Louisville, KY would arrive in Macon, GA in about 27 hours. With Movement Planner, that same train would arrive in 22.5 hours. Saving more than 4 hours of travel.

Norfolk Southern and GE Transportation today announced the success of the new technology, which as described in the video below, has already been rolled out along a 200-mile stretch in Georgia. The efficiency gains from RailEdge can increase the average speed of trains by 10 to 20 percent, which translates into as much as four miles per hour. In the world of freight rail, that’s a whopping amount when you consider that every mile per hour faster a freight train travels, a railroad can save up to $200 million a year in capital and expenses.

via RailEdge tech: Faster, smarter trains to save millions | GE Reports.

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