Democrats drop signature climate bill – The Boston Globe (Update with LCV comment)

Jul 23rd, 2010 | By | Category: Legislation, Water Conservation

WASHINGTON — Senators John F. Kerry and Harry Reid conceded yesterday that they have no chance of passing a comprehensive climate and energy bill any time soon, saying they would instead push for a limited bill to address problems with offshore oil drilling and to boost energy conservation.

The stripped-down bill would include provisions that increase the liability costs for oil companies involved in spills such as the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, expand the use of natural gas in long-haul trucks, increase spending on land and water conservation, and provide rebates to people who buy products that reduce energy usage in their homes.

In response to an announcement by Majority Leader Harry Reid regarding climate and energy legislation, LCV President Gene Karpinski released the following statement: “It’s deeply disappointing that Big Oil, Dirty Coal and their allies in Congress continue to stand in the way of creating a clean energy economy that creates jobs, makes America more energy independent and protects the planet. The twin challenges of building a clean energy economy and addressing global warming are too important to fail. The fight to create new clean energy jobs and solve the climate crisis will continue — in this Congress, in the states and at the EPA.”

via Democrats drop signature climate bill – The Boston Globe.

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