News – Malloy calls CT transportation infrastructure ‘unnacceptable’

Jul 31st, 2010 | By | Category: River, Transportation

Dan Malloy, the Democratic Party’s endorsed candidate for Governor,  responded to a new report by the by The Road Information Program that says 45 percent of Connecticut’s major roadways are either in “poor or mediocre condition” and that 34 percent of the state’s bridges are “deficient or obsolete.”

“The fact is, Connecticut’s transportation infrastructure is not keeping up with our needs,” said Malloy. “There are 800,000 more registered vehicles on the road today than there were in 1979 – the system wasn’t designed with this capacity in mind, and it’s showing. In addition to being increasingly dangerous for our drivers, it’s also a major hindrance on business and jobs. Companies don’t want to move to a state where employees aren’t able to commute a reasonable distance, and commerce is stalled because just-in-time delivery is flat out not possible here.”

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