FuelCell Energy Power Plants headed to U.S. Naval Submarine Base

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Two DFC300 Fuel Cell Power Plants to Provide Reliable and Efficient Power for Base Energy Plant

Danbury-based FuelCell Energy, a manufacturer of high efficiency ultra-clean power plants using renewable and other fuels for commercial, industrial, government, and utility customers has announced the sale of two 300KW DFC300 fuel cell power plants to be installed at the U.S. Naval Submarine Base New London, in Groton, CT.

The two DFC300 fuel cell power plants will be installed adjacent to the existing energy plant on the Base and will provide reliable base load electricity to the Base. The byproduct heat generated by the fuel cell energy conversion process will be utilized for pre-heating the water used in the boiler at the existing energy plant, reducing fuel costs for the Base. FuelCell Energy’s partner, LOGANEnergy will purchase, install and operate the fuel cell power plants, subcontracting maintenance services to FuelCell Energy under a three year service contract.

The efficiency of fuel cells is almost 80 percent when the byproduct heat from the energy conversion process is utilized for facility heating or heating water. This high efficiency reduces greenhouse gas emissions, improving the carbon footprint for the Base.

According to Richard Shaw, Director Business Development FuelCell Energy, the company’s fuel cell power plants decrease greenhouse gas emissions and virtually eliminate the emission of harmful pollutants compared to combustion based power generation alternatives while improving the security and reliability of the power supply.

Naval Submarine Base New London is the U.S. Navy’s first submarine base and is the home port for a fleet of attack submarines and the Navy’s nuclear research deep submersible NR-1. The base is located on the east side of the Thames River in Groton, CT and the main base occupies more than 687 acres. The base supports more than 70 tenant commands including, Commander Submarine Group 2, Naval Submarine School, Naval Submarine Support Facility, three submarine squadron staffs, and the housing and support facilities for more than 21,000 civilian workers, active-duty service members and their families.

LOGANEnergy is a dedicated fuel cell energy service company, specializing in designing and developing fuel cell projects. Founded in 1993, LOGANEnergy’s worldwide portfolio exceeds 11 MW of fuel cell capacity with more than 150 installations at 100 sites.

DFC fuel cells are generating power at over 50 locations worldwide. The company’s power plants have generated over 500 million kWh of power using a variety of fuels including renewable wastewater gas, biogas from beer and food processing, as well as natural gas and other hydrocarbon fuels. FuelCell Energy has partnerships with major power plant developers and power companies around the world. The company also receives funding from the U.S. Department of Energy and other government agencies for the development of leading edge technologies such as fuel cells. For more information please visit our
website at www.fuelcellenergy.com

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