Clean Water Fund Clean Energy Lead Organizer position, low-mid 30′s

Aug 28th, 2010 | By | Category: Jobs

Clean Water Fund’s Hartford, Connecticut office is hiring a full-time community clean energy lead organizer to help lead a team of organizers and volunteers seeking to create fundamental change in how we use energy starting at the grassroots level.

Clean Water Fund (CWF) is a national non-profit research and education organization that promotes the public interest on issues relating to energy, water, waste, toxics and natural resources. CWF’s top goals include building support for environmental health issues, and empowering citizens to create grassroots power and make democracy work.

In Connecticut, Clean Water Fund has worked on energy issues beginning in 1998 with the successful campaign to reduce pollution from the “Sooty Six” power plants and followed by our work starting in 2003 to lead the Connecticut Climate Coalition which helped support ground-breaking global warming and clean energy policies. We have also helped lead citizen-based clean energy campaigns to win municipal commitments to purchase clean energy. We currently advise, train and assist volunteer-led clean energy groups across Connecticut as part of the CT Clean Energy Fund’s Clean Energy Communities program.


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