RFP: Recycling Meets the Arts

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Recycling Education Through Visual and Performance Art

The Hartford Recycling Coalition is soliciting proposals from nonprofit organizations for visual and performance art projects which educate residents and promote and encourage single-stream recycling in Hartford. Projects which involve children and youth are encouraged. Two proposals will be selected. Visual arts projects will be displayed and performances will be given on November 15, 2010 at a Hartford Recycles Day event. Funding in an amount up to $4,500 will be provided for each of the two projects selected during this Request for Proposals process.

Single-Stream Recycling with Rewards: Hartford residents who live in single-family homes or buildings with up to 6 apartments, have been given big blue carts to dispose of recyclable items, which are collected by the City of Hartford. Households may place all different kinds of recyclables in the blue cart. Unlike in the past, items such as glass, newspapers, cardboard, and plastics do not have to be separated; they can all be mixed together in the blue cart.

Hartford residents are being encouraged to recycle as much as possible. Not only does this help the environment, but it saves the City and its taxpayers money. The City pays to dispose of trash and does not pay to dispose of recycling. More recycling equals less trash and less trash means less cost.

Through a partnership with the City and RecycleBank, residents also can earn rewards and coupons for free products, savings, and discounts to be used at local businesses – just for recycling! More recycling equals more rewards. More information about Hartford’s Single-Stream Recycling program is provided in the two attachments to this RFP. For additional information, visit www.crra/org/pages/mid-con_recycling_table.htm

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  1. abg says:

    great idea, we need it in New Haven

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