Councilors not happy with Coast Guard’s Riverside Park proposal (update)

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New London – A deadlocked 2-2 vote of the City Council’s Education, Parks and Recreation Committee Tuesday sunk a motion that would have directed the city manager to renegotiate terms for the proposed sale of 10.25 acres of Riverside Park to the U.S. Coast Guard for $2.4 million.

via The Day – Plan to alter park sale terms fails | News from southeastern Connecticut.

Previously ::: New London – City councilors who have reviewed the U.S. Coast Guard’s offer to buy 10.25 acres of Riverside Park for $2.4 million say they can’t support the proposal.

Previously The Day – Councilors not happy with Coast Guard’s Riverside Park proposal | News from southeastern Connecticut.

The Day’s Chuck Potter writes the following:

City Councilor Wade Hyslop’s contention that race plays a significant role in the Riverside Park matter is on the mark. The allure of millions of dollars in exchange for land on the poor side of town has proven to be too attractive to too many people in charge.

The park’s lack of popularity and cleanliness were the most obvious factors in the city’s willingness to sell it, or part of it, not only to the Coast Guard Academy, but to myriad suitors in the recent past.

via Riverside Park was sold long ago | The Day.

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