CT LCV Endorses 28 in Races for General Assembly Seats

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Hartford, CT – The bipartisan Connecticut League of Conservation Voters (CTLCV) named its second round of endorsed candidates for election to the Connecticut General Assembly in the Nov. 2 elections. 

To date, CTLCV has endorsed a bipartisan slate of 28 candidates, all of whom demonstrate strong leadership on environmental issues.  All endorsed candidates must be committed to protecting Connecticut’s land, water, air, and wildlife, and to working for sustainable solutions to pressing state issues like transportation, energy, and waste management.

“We are pleased that our state legislature and the candidates seeking to serve in the House and Senate have put a high value on these issues-which is consistent with what their constituents expect and deserve,” said Lori Brown, the League’s Executive Director.  Brown continued, “These candidates are dedicated to protecting the environment and want to be sure we do not roll back protections as we rebuild our economy.”

In Connecticut State Senate races, CTLCV endorses:

  • Sen. Toni Boucher (R-26)
  • Rep. Beth Bye (D-5)
  • Sen. John Fonfara (D-1)
  • Sen. Donald J. DeFronzo (D-6)
  • Sen. Martin Looney (D-11)
  • Sen. Edward Meyer (D-12)

In Connecticut State House of Representatives races, CTLCV endorses:

  • Eileen Baker (D-23)
  • Rep. Michelle Cook (D-65)
  • Rep. Elizabeth Esty (D-103)
  • Rep. Livvy Floren (R-149)
  • Rep. Stephen Fontana (D-87)
  • Rep. Deborah Heinrich (D-101)
  • Rep. John Hetherington (R-125)
  • Rep. Thomas Kehoe (D-31)
  • Rep. Matthew Lesser (D-100)
  • Rep. Joan Lewis (D-8)
  • Rep. Bob Megna (D-97)
  • Rep. Mary Mushinsky (D-85)
  • Rep. Vickie Nardello (D-89)
  • Rep. James O’Rourke III (D-32)
  • Catherine Osten (D-47)
  • Rep. Lonnie Reed (D-102)
  • Rep. Linda Schofield (D-16)
  • Rep. James Spallone (D-36)
  • Rep. Diana Urban (D-43)
  • Rep. Pat Widlitz (D-98)
  • Rep. Roberta Willis (D-64)
  • Rep. Elissa Wright (D-41)

These candidates’ responses to CTLCV’s environmental survey and their voting records may be viewed at www.ctlcv.org/survey  or by contacting CTLCV directly.

Every election year, CTLCV surveys candidate on their positions, records, and plans for protecting the environment.  The League also interviews candidates as appropriate and reviews incumbents’ record in its Annual Environmental Scorecard. 
The Connecticut League of Conservation Voters is a non-profit organization working to educate voters and elected leaders on state environmental issues.  CTLCV works with dozens of groups to develop and support good environmental policies at the state legislature.  For more information on the environmental issues facing Connecticut’s elected leaders, view CTLCV’s Environmental Briefing Book or visit www.ctlcv.org.

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