Activist Professor Organizes a Solar Demonstration at St. Joe’s

Sep 18th, 2010 | By | Category: Clean energy, Geothermal, Renewables, Solar

St. Joseph College, in West Hartford, Conn., is using solar energy to heat its swimming pool, produce electricity and brighten the minds of its students.

Sitting about 300 feet behind the college’s O’Connell Athletic Center lies a grid of solar electric and solar thermal panels that suck in the sun’s energy. The thermal panels deliver it through a series of pipes 6 feet under the ground to four pumps inside the red brick building to help heat the six-lane, 25-yard pool in the Bruyette Natatorium and help supply hot water for the showers and sinks in the building. The rest of the heat is supplied by a natural gas furnace.

Professor Peter Markow, the chemistry department chairman who championed the solar project, began using it as a teaching tool for his students last fall.

The college has installed a solar thermal system to heat the swimming pool at the O’Connell Center and two small solar electric arrays that Mr. Markow said provide enough energy to offset about 95 percent of the electricity for the pumps needed for the thermal system.

via In Connecticut, Activist Professor Organizes a Solar Demonstration.

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