Clean Energy Fund going solar — again

Sep 23rd, 2010 | By | Category: Solar

The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund will reopen its commercial solar photovoltaic program with $3 million from the American Reinvestment & Recovery Act.

via Clean Energy Fund going solar — again | Hartford Business.

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One Comment to “Clean Energy Fund going solar — again”

  1. How could they run out of money? The money came from a percentage of rate payer’s bills. Cutting off the rebate program successfully put out of business dozens of solar companies that had just started to establish themselves in the state. The entire notion that home owners in Fairfield County need a rebate to put photovoltaics on their roof, when they’ll spend ten times that much to put a Porsche in their driveway is ludicrous, and downright offensive. It’s welfare for the rich! The rebate program is what prevented solar companies from selling PVs to the first adopter market, the same people who buy Prius and Tesla for the eco-luxe cache! Solar companies like Mercury Solar are in bed with nuclear utilities like Entergy, co-sponsoring golf tournaments together, as if they were one big happy family. The solar industry has been defanged, declawed and corrupted into losing its most important marketing asset… putting PVs on your roof to stick it to the man! Let’s get back to solar sales guy who know how to tickle the revolutionary fancy in all of us, and let’s stop dancing with the devil by giving an organization like the CT Clean Energy Fund, set up by the nuclear power utilities, who from the get go built it to fail, any more influence on our lives. We need an independent, aggressive, savvy, classy PV industry which is going to sell PVs to every millionaire in Fairfield County because it’s the right thing to do, no matter what the cost, to bring down the price point the technology, and do the right thing towards the future of their kids! You get the state and the utilities involved, you get the result we deserved, failure!

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