Wind Farm Proposed In Prospect

Oct 9th, 2010 | By | Category: Wind

The proposal is to build two wind turbines on 67 largely unoccupied acres in Prospect where BNE Energy has been monitoring wind and climate conditions from a small, temporary tower for the last 22 months.

via Wind Farm Proposed In Prospect – Connecticut News Story – WFSB Hartford.

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2 Comments to “Wind Farm Proposed In Prospect”

  1. Last summer I took my dirtbike that I store at my mothers house (whos property line abuts the proposed site from these windgenerators) for a ride in the fields, and almost got decapatated from the guidewires holding this tower up. So, i asked my parents when did they put up a new tower in the back? They looked at me like,” what are you talking about?” There was never any word of what the tower was for, or who put it up and when it went up, everything was hush, hush!. I’m sure the town had to know! Somehow the taxpayers of Prospect, and more importantly the surrounding property owners were never notified of these proposed wind generators. we learned abot it from the Republican American. Everybody loves Mayor Bob, but don’t we all think he knew about it when the first thaught about this came up? He was probibly one of the first to hear of this. We even have our own newspaper in town called “The PROSPECT Pages”, don’t you think it should have been a front page add in there? So now for him to come to the ralley we had today, in my eyes, was a real slap in the face. Ya, thats rite i said it! He should have been on top of this from the first letter of proposal. My feeling is all they saw was the tax revenue, and 150,000 is alot of money, but at the price of loosing our precious scenery, at the harm of the enviorment after they are operational, the noise they will make for my senior citizen parents of prospect who lived in here since 1968. If i wanted to put a shed on my property, I would have to go through zoning, and for these wind generators to just be able to get installed without any say from the taxpayers of Prospect, is absurd!!!! Going green is awsome, but not at the price to sacrafice a community that lives next to the project. There has to be a better spot than in my back yard!

  2. Jim Skowronski says:

    “It’s one of the best locations in the state.”
    Better than Charles Island? Better than the 200-acre empty golf course two miles up the road that has an even higher elevation? Better than Mount Sanford? Better than Sleeping Giant? Better than the empty fields at Sherwood Island or Hammonasset? Better than the industrial area in New Haven Harbor where they already put one of these things? Was the wind even tested at any of these locations isolated from residences. No? Why not?
    Follow the money, WFSB.
    What a crock.
    Whatever happened to offshore wind farms? Did the politicians decide they’ll spoil the view of the artistocrats in Guilford like the gas terminal for LI Sound they helped kill?
    This site abuts a quiet, middle-class residential neighborhood and this monstrosity will tower over scores of homes – a fact conveniently left out of this one-sided, slanted article, complete with photo pointed 180 degrees from the houses arcoss the street.
    Generation of electiricity on this scale is an industrial use that belongs in industrial areas. How about the industrial park on the Waterbury-Naugatuck line? Did they test the wind there? It’s high up. Or Murtha’s mountain, not that the poor people living near that disaster haven’t already suffered enough at the hands of incompent state regulators.
    Ever notice how big, rich television stations like WFSB are quick to beat up on mom-and-operations that break minor regulations but never go after the big guys. And like the politicians, crusade for the rich guys who don’t want natural gas lines to to kill the clams.
    Here we go again.

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