Electric car charging stations on the rise

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It’s not free parking, but you can get free charging at the Pro-Park-owned Chapel Square Garage, located at the Omni Hotel on Temple Street in New Haven. 

With the first mass market electric cars hit 15 roll-out cities in the next month or two, the Juice Bar at the Chapel Square Garage at the Omni New Haven Hotel is ready to serve as a recharging station for those who use the parking facility in this city. 

via ‘Juice bar’ City garage gets recharging station for electric cars- The New Haven Register – Serving New Haven, Connecticut

The Juice Bar electric car charging station at Chapel Street Garage near the Omni Hotel and Shubert Theater at 155 Temple St. in New Haven


The Chapel Street parking garage is the first green building of its kind in Connecticut and the second in the nation thanks in part to $76,000 from the Energy Efficiency Fund for its improved LED lighting. Recycling bins and a bike rack in the garage are other amenities that help the garage qualify as a green building. 

The first of these Gargage Juice Bars went live at the Charles Hotel near Harvard in Cambridge, Mass., just days before the unveiling of the one in New Haven.  Created with DesignworksUSA, the charging station is for hybrid electric vehicles.  

Thousands more are planned for Green Parking Council structures and locations across the country including Illinois, California and Colorado. 

“With the impending arrival of the first electric cars from mainstream companies in more than a decade, Massachusetts utilities, businesses, and municipalities are preparing to open a wave of public charging stations over the next year,” the Boston Globe reported. See Mass. gets ready to power electric cars – The Boston Globe

At the New Haven Juice Bar, a hybrid electric vehicle can get charged in a few hours. Chapel Square Garage received $76,000 from the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund for the project. 


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