Officials stepping in on man’s attempts to stave off river pollution

Nov 7th, 2010 | By | Category: River

In the early 1990s, the city of New Britain realized both residents and industries were dumping hazardous waste there and decided they had to put a stop to it. They cleaned up the dump zone and put up roadside concrete barriers to prevent people from continuing to pollute the area. However, they did not clean up the dumped material in John Niedzwiecki’s yard, leaving him on his own.

Although his intentions are to help reestablish the dried-up streams that flow into the river, his tactics are going to need to change. He has constructed dams in three places. Also, there are no vegetative buffers (plant material) in place around them, only sand and broken pieces of concrete, which are not stopping pollutants from entering the water.

via The New Britain Herald : New Britain, Conn., and surrounding areas (

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