Debate over wind energy in Prospect

Nov 21st, 2010 | By | Category: Wind

The debate over wind energy draws mixed reviews in Prospect. The proposal to install two wind turbines had many residents protesting.

“It’s a safety issue. It’s a quality of life issue with the noise and what’s called shadow flicker, as the setting sun goes through the blades,” said Tim Reilly of Prospect. “There’s so many issues here that it makes this the wrong place.”

Okay, insert editorial comment here: A safety issue? A quality of life issue?

I’ve been down to Phoenix Press in New Haven. They have quite a large turbine. Almost every time I’ve seen it it has been churning quite vigorously in the wind coming off the harbor and Q River. It seems vigorous to me because I’ve been up close and it’s a large structure. For it to spin as much as it does, it must have some good sealed bearings, good design to catch the wind, and it must be very light because it doesn’t need much wind to spin. I’ve been down to the base of this turbine several times because I keep hearing these complaints that wind turbines make noise. Now I’ve been to some loud concerts in my day but my hearing isn’t that bad. The wind turbine at Phoenix Press doesn’t make a lot of noise. In fact, I can’t hear anything when it’s turning.

Read more about the debate in Prospect here: Debate over wind energy in Prospect | Connecticut.

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5 Comments to “Debate over wind energy in Prospect”

  1. Brian DiZenzo says:

    No one mentions the fact that over 50% of the cost of constructing these wind turbines will paid for by the taxpayers of Connecticut. If not for the subsidies from the Federal, State and Local governments no one would be building these hideous machines. I predict that within the next ten years hydrogen will be the favored energy source and we will be taking these wind machines down and scrapping them.

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  3. Think Green, not Mean says:

    When will Prospect be installing General Electric’s car charger WattStations? We need access to car chargers that will reduce the standard charging time from 12 to 18 hours down to four to eight hours.

  4. Zack says:

    This is an extremely biased article. If you are going to report on something, get the facts first. The Phoenix Press turbine is 150 feet tall and 100-kilowatts. The TWO turbines proposed for Prospect will be nearly 500 feet tall, and 1.6-megawatts, thats 1600-kilowatts. Not all wind turbines are the same size. You can’t look at one, privately owned turbine, and use that to describe all other turbines. The proposed turbines for Prospect will be much larger, louder, and monstrous than theone in New Haven. Do a little research before you make such large assumptions that all turbines will be similar to the one in New Haven.

  5. Betty jo says:

    The opinion of the protesters and the comments on the primary news site almost make it an lol. I walked the phoenix mill too. I noticed no discernible noise nor did I see any dead animals laying around. It just stands there quite peaceably(and majestically I might add) generating energy. I’d actually like to pass a few more as I go about my travels. Like monuments they’d stand for something and have a function. We can’t have it both ways….green world and make no changes. We always want some one else to “do it”. In the meantime I’m going to learn more about more about shadow flicker just in case that’s something I need to be concern with. ( that’s a double lol).

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