Environmental council says state needs better data

Nov 22nd, 2010 | By | Category: Land

East River Marsh and our Audubon Guilford Salt Meadows Sanctuary (Audubon CT)Connecticut’s environmental watchdog panel says the state does not know how much open space or wildlife habitat it has and is relying on outdated data to make critical decisions about preservation or development.

The state Council on Environmental Quality, in a draft of its legislative proposals for next year, says the Department of Environmental Protection is off by tens of thousands of acres in estimates of open space totals and how far the state is toward its goal preservation goal.

The open space acreage figures are crucial to how the state distributes bonding funds to help municipalities buy land.

“The DEP’s estimates of its own land are pretty accurate,” said Karl Wagener, executive director of the CEQ, in an interview last week. “The DEP does have a good grip on what it owns.

via Environmental watchdog group says state needs better data | The Connecticut Mirror.

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