Andrew Cuomo needs to take a second look at Indian Point

Nov 23rd, 2010 | By | Category: Nuclear
Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant

Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant

The Indian Point Energy Center in Westchester produces 2,000 MW of electricity — about one-third of the metro area’s needs. It powers Metro-North and the subway system, which transport an average weekday ridership of 5.1 million.

Like the circus strongman at the base of a human pyramid, Indian Point supports the statewide grid of high-voltage transmission lines that protects against power failures. In addition, it is an economic engine for the region directly employing 2,500 people.

So why does New York Governor-Elect Andrew Cuomo want to shut it down? He claims it is unsafe, a target for terrorists, and that replacement power can be found without short-or-long-term consequences.

via Andrew Cuomo needs to take a second look at Indian Point | The Energy Collective.

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One Comment to “Andrew Cuomo needs to take a second look at Indian Point”

  1. Concerned Resident says:

    This article is what’s full of “baloney.” It’s obviously written by two Chicken Littles who want to scare people away from truly safe, green energy like solar, wind, and water power.

    Let’s look at the facts: Indian Point is an aging power plant (in operation for over 35 years) that has suffered seven mechanical failures in the past two years. It has had two major leakages of contaminated byproducts this decade. Its emergency warning system and evacuations plans are woefully inadequate. It sits smack dab in the middle of the active Ramapo fault line. And, yes, it’s quite vulnerable to a terrorist attack. Commercial airliners aren’t the only potential weapons out there. It would only take one of those 2,500 employees with terrorist sympathies to sabotage the plant or its 1,500 tons of radioactive waste stored on site. In the event of an accident, natural disaster, or attack, it’s estimated that 100,000 people would die instantly with many more deaths to follow and billions of dollars of property damage.

    Even if no such tragedy occurs, Indian Point will continue leaking small but steady amounts of hazardous waste into our environment. Rates of thyroid cancer in the counties downwind of the plant are 67% greater than the national average. Coincidence? I think not.

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