Union of Concerned Scientists urging green shipping for the holidays

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This holiday season use your voice as a consumer to send a clear message to shoppers, shippers, and retailers to get more efficient delivery trucks on the roads. These trucks account for only four percent of all the vehicles on our nation’s roads, but they use 20 percent of our fuel.

Through our UCS Convoy cleaner truck design (pdf), UCS has shown that the technology already exists to make these vehicles cleaner, and cleaning up America’s trucks is a key part of the UCS National Oil Savings Plan to cut our projected oil use in half by the year 2030.

Everyone benefits when we have more efficient trucks on the roads—we get cleaner air and we can help break our dependence on oil. Use the materials below to get shippers, shoppers, and retailers to Ship It Green!

Stick Ship It Green labels on holiday packages:
Raise awareness among shippers and your friends and family by printing out as many shipping labels as you need and sticking them on the packages you’re shipping this holiday season. Simply print them and tape them to your package or print them out as stickers—we’ve  made them to fit some standard Avery sticker sizes:

  • Print shipping address label (fits Avery 05168) – colorb&w (pdf)
  • Print logo label – 4 to a page (fits Avery 05168) – colorb&w (pdf)
  • Print logo label – 6 to a page (fits Avery 08164) – colorb&w (pdf)
  • Print logo label – 8 to a page (fits Avery 06873) – colorb&w (pdf)

Share Ship it Green on Facebook and Twitter: Update your Facebook status or send a tweet to let your friends and followers know to Ship It Green this holiday season.

Send Ship it Green holiday cards: Send your friends and family a holiday e-card asking them to join you in sending the message to major shippers to green their fleet. Send an e-card today!

Give online retailers a “special instruction”:
Most online retailers offer a location to give special instruction messages for package delivery. It’s a unique place to use your consumer power to call for cleaner trucks.

You can simply copy and paste the following message into the “Special Instructions” area of a retailer’s shipping site:

“I want you to make sure your company’s packages are being shipped on cleaner, more fuel-efficient trucks. Find out more at www.ucsusa.org/shipitgreen.”

Or type in your own, personal message.

Spread the holiday cheer to shippers:
Print out copies of the Ship It Green flyer and post them wherever holiday packages are shipped. The flyers will educate others on this issue and allow them to help clean up our trucks as well. Print flyer (pdf).

Learn about UCS resources on Truck Efficiency:
The UCS Convoy (pdf): UCS engineers developed a virtual tractor-trailer design to show how various technologies can improve fuel efficiency.

Delivering Jobs: This report looks into the costs and benefits of improving the fuel economy of medium and heavy-duty trucks with a focus on jobs, economic growth, cost savings for truck owners, energy security, and climate benefits.

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  1. Charles Nobilski says:

    It would be great if there was a list of retailers/stores that used green methods of shipping. I would buy my Christmas gifts from them!

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