Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch to receive Nat. Env. Hall of Fame award

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The National Environmental Hall of Fame will recognize Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch at 7 p.m. Monday night, Jan. 3 during the City Council Meeting located at 45 Lyon Terrace, City Council Chambers, First floor, Bridgeport CT. 

To learn more about the city’s B-Green 2020 Sustainability materials that have been initiated during the Finch administration, visit

Environmental Halls of Fame are being established in several communities.

  • The National Environmental Hall of Fame believe that in each community there are at least a dozen groups or individuals who deserve to be recognized for their contribution to helping the environment.
  • Our goal is to encourage these groups and individuals through such recognition.
  • We feel it is most appropriate to first honor the mayor and sustainability director in each community on behalf of the city’s sustainability initiatives.


Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield, creators of Chicken Soup for the Soul, endorsed several of our books. In March 2007, they inspired us to create a book, Heroes of the Planet Earth, for Al Gore’s 7/7/07 Live Earth concert.

The Hall of Fame made exhibits out of the features in Heroes of the Planet Earth for the National Green Museum and Environmental Hall of Fame. From there they gave awards to the heroes of the environment at their National Environmental Hall of Fame awards ceremonies beginning in 2008.

In 2009 at our National Green Museum expo in Chicago, National Environmental Science Fair students created a book, Hope for Planet Earth, which inspired them to create Community Green Guides throughout the United States.

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One Comment to “Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch to receive Nat. Env. Hall of Fame award”

  1. TreeHugger says:

    What!? Bridgeport has a long way to go environmentally. Finch has supported destroying Remington Woods, the largest urban forest in the country. He’s also very pro-development with little regard to environmental impact. He was even once quoted saying that piping plovers, the endangered bird, should be eaten and would taste good fried. The recycling record is abysmal and barely happens. There are few trees and many of them taken down aren’t replaced. The only areas of The Park City that see new trees are downtown and Black Rock. A new school was just built, supposedly “green”, which took down several trees and is sitting right next to one of the last wetland areas in Bridgeport. The list goes on and on….The Hall of Fame needs to reconsider.

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