Push for turbines in Conn. hampered by a lack of … wind; Rep-Am says CT not the place for it

Jan 3rd, 2011 | By | Category: Clean energy, Energy, Wind

Energy experts, legislators and power companies in Connecticut are not rushing to embrace wind power. Skeptics say Connecticut simply isn’t windy enough.

via Push for turbines in Conn. hampered by a lack of … wind | The Republican-American.

From an editorial in the Republican-American:

Should BNE be allowed to build its windmills? Probably, though Prospect officials have a point when they demand statewide standards for wind-power projects first. Does taxpayer-subsidized wind power make any sense for Prospect or for America, from the broad perspective of national energy project? Barring a quantum improvement in wind-power technology, we’d have to say no.

via Opposition clouds wind’s future The Republican-American.

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2 Comments to “Push for turbines in Conn. hampered by a lack of … wind; Rep-Am says CT not the place for it”

  1. Terry says:

    Optiwind has a “totally different look to their turbines” …. Yes they do… They are exceptionally UGLY.

    Optiwind has been trying to get their wind turbines into most of the towns around their home base of Torrington, CT and no one is biting. No one wants something that obscene looking anywhere near them. Goshen threw them out, forced them out, with a unanamous vote of the planning commission. For good reason. The entire town was against it. Winsted said no, as well. Their energy commisssion wanted nothing to do with it, even though they support alternative energy.

    Optiwind also brags about their turbines and how they are good for low levels of wind, but they have never completed one of their turbines. The one on Klugg Farm in Torrington was partially constructed, but was then taken down.

  2. betty jo says:

    optiwind located in torrington, ct has a totally different look to their turbines compared to what we normally think of when talking about wind equipment. is optiwind’s tower that much unkinder to aesthetics than cell phone towers? this answer would be a personal opinion. but optiwind is attempting to address issues with wind equipment that allow it to operate in smaller, denser spaces with less available wind. if we are to have any success in developing alternative energy sources we do need the entrepreneurship of companies like optiwind.

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