Let’s bring back urban agriculture

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Miami coastline, Dec. 2010

Gov. Dan Malloy has talked about strengthening the state’s agricultural economy, though his emphasis seems to be on meat and poultry. Why not think bigger and connect agriculture with smart growth?

If the economics of tight-knit walkable communities outperform suburban counterparts by more than 200 percent, as studies by the firm Public Interest Projects in North Carolina and Florida have recently shown, then smart growth should be a goal. One way to achieve more densely settled cores is to surround them with belts of agriculture, as indeed Connecticut’s towns were in the Colonial era. Such a move toward so-called “urban agriculture” could be a godsend to the state’s physical and economic health.

via Let’s bring back urban agriculture – Courant.com.

More on Malloy and agriculture:

HARTFORD — Gov. Dannel P. Malloy wants to retain the state’s commitment to open space preservation as well as increase the number of slaughterhouses in the state so Connecticut farmers can raise more animals for market.

via Malloy looks to increase state revenue through agriculture, Connecticut-grown meats – Connecticut Post.

Hartford, Connecticut. Dec. 2010.

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