Wind power: perception vs. reality

Jan 16th, 2011 | By | Category: Wind

Wise people (and politicians) often say perception is more important than reality. Take the case of wind energy in Connecticut. What are the perceptions and what are the realities? With the proposed wind projects in Colebrook and Prospect currently being so hotly debated, perhaps it’s timely to consider a few points.

via Wind power: perception vs. reality The Republican-American.

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3 Comments to “Wind power: perception vs. reality”

  1. Thanks for your comment Paul. Maybe we can get some real discussion going on some important subjects in Connecticut. -c-

  2. Paul Crowder says:

    I can’t help but be amused by CT’s public debate on the subject of wind power. Out here in Colorado, the wind power animal has long since left the barn. Optional subscription to a wind powered source of electricity for our homes has exceeded capacity for years. Seeing towers and blades on trucks that are headed north to the wind farms in NE Colorado and Wyoming is a regular part of the drive between the Denver Metropolitan area and Cheyenne. Does wind power cost more than that produced by our coal and natural gas fired power plants? Yup. Have the wind farms altered the view of the prairie? Yup. Did either of these issues prevent Excel Energy from gaining the support of their Colorado customers and their Wyoming stakeholders for wind power? Nope. Has wind power damaged our environmental cred? Nope.

    The crux of CT’s debate about wind power seems to be fear that turbines will alter property values. It comes off as the selfishness of a priveleged few. We are not impressed.

  3. Betty Jo says:

    I am certainly intrigued by this debate also. I would hope to believe that wind (and solar) have their fare space in our sustainable future. Economies of scale that will allow alternative fuels to drop in price and bring real sustainable value is still evolving. It will happen. I’m sure of that.
    Just about every piece of our existing lives is taxed or subsidized. So a remarker to the original story is correct– the real competition has yet to begin. As consumers of energy, we need to educate ourselves on our options and jump on a bandwagon or two that would provide some real progress. We cant keep on the same path any more.
    I’ve promised myself some in-depth research into this wind business. Feel free to chirp in as I do.

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