Legislators Hear Arguments For and Against Wind Farm Moratorium

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Citizens groups from Colebrook and Prospect told lawmakers Thursday they should approve a proposed bill that would put a moratorium on any commercial wind turbine projects until state regulations governing their placement are developed.

BNE sought approval from the Connecticut Siting Council earlier this year to construct six wind turbines in Colebrook and two in Prospect. Its application triggered an outcry among residents and officials from both towns, who claim the council has too much autonomy.

via Legislators Hear Opponents and Supporters of Wind Farm Moratorium – Courant.com.

From CT News Junkie

Representatives from the Connecticut Siting Council testified Thursday that additional regulations weren’t necessary.

Nardello wondered if they could pass the legislation and get the regulations in place within six months so BNE Energy doesn’t lose the federal tax credits, which help make the project affordable.

via CT News Junkie | Prospect and Colebrook Say ‘Not In Our Backyard’.

and from CT Mirror

via AFL-CIO president, GOP legislators oppose moratorium on wind farms | The Connecticut Mirror.

Environment Connecticut writes:

The above articles relate to yesterday’s public hearing at the capitol on HB 6249. The bill would place a moratorium on new wind power projects in Connecticut until such time as the CT Siting Council establishes wind-specific siting regulations. The effect of such a moratorium and regulatory process would be twofold. First, it could kill the existing proposed wind power projects in CT and deter other developers from pursuing wind power in Connecticut for the foreseeable future. As we said yesterday, it would send a message to the wind industry that Connecticut is not open for business. Second, the bill would have the effect of establishing a higher regulatory bar for approval of wind power projects than for other energy generation facilities including fossil  fuels. As we also said yesterday, hopefully we can all agree that it shouldn’t be harder to build a clean, renewable energy project than to build a dirty, fossil fuel project.

One clarification: An earlier version of the CT News Junkie article said Environment Connecticut supports construction of the projects in Prospect and Colebrook. Environment Connecticut has not taken a position supporting or opposing either of the two wind projects currently before the siting council. Rather, we are urging the legislature to allow the siting council process to continue so that these projects can be evaluated on their merits.

Environment Connecticut’s testimony on HB 6249 is here:

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