Energy co-chairs try to revive tiered electric generation tax

Apr 27th, 2011 | By | Category: Energy

The co-chairs of the legislature’s Energy Committee Wednesday introduced a scaled-back version of their plan to tax electricity producers on the basis of how the power is generated, but their new proposal drew little enthusiasm from legislative leaders and the Malloy Administration.

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and Democratic leaders already have agreed on a budget that includes an across-the-board flat tax on energy generated through nuclear, natural, coal and oil. It is expected to bring in $72 million a year in new revenue.

Read more here: Energy co-chairs try to revive tiered electric generation tax | The Connecticut Mirror.

The Connecticut Fund for the Environment released the following statement:

“An equitable and well-designed non-renewable generation tax can play an important role in expanding the state’s investment in cost-effective efficiency and clean energy,” said CFE Executive Director Don Strait. “The proceeds of the tax should be dedicated to helping residents reduce their energy consumption through investments in energy efficiency. In Connecticut, reducing energy demand and improving efficiency means more money circulating in the local economy instead of going to imported fuel. Capturing all the cost-effective energy efficiency in the state over the next 15 years could boost the state’s economic activity by as much as $40 billion.”

“We all want less of our power coming from polluting sources that threaten human health and the environment,” Strait said. “We also want a secure energy infrastructure that reduces dependence on unstable regimes for our fuel stock and that is secure from disruption or attack from domestic or foreign terrorists. We hope that Gov. Malloy and legislative leaders can agree on a proposal that provides a dedicated revenue stream to support efficiency programs and creates a level playing field for the development of a robust clean energy economy.”

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