Transit needs density, Connecticut needs transit: Tom Condon via

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It’s very hard to serve sprawl by transit. If folks live helter-skelter all over the countryside, they are pretty much relegated to driving. If we want to make transit work, two things have to happen: People need to live near it, and it has to go where they want to go.

These useful notions are from a major study last month on transit availability by The Brookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Center.

The study looked at the number of residents living within three-quarters of a mile of a transit stop in the nation’s 100 largest metropolitan areas and the number of jobs within a 90-minute transit ride from those stops.

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One Comment to “Transit needs density, Connecticut needs transit: Tom Condon via”

  1. Lynne Shapiro says:

    We have all the housing density and retail square footage on my New Haven route to Hamden’s miracle mile through Eastern New Haven and Hamden but only hourly services not prescribed at all in the density/business square footage formulas for such areas even on weekdays and even on weekday rush hours!
    This fellow has made a living writing about transit for years and years with the same old stuff when the average transit dedicated CT citizen can’t get most places to work outside his/her area any easier (or at all) as before. I was talking with a more knowledgeable than many old time pundits Gen Y woman on the bus among the many without career jobs yet if at all taking transit in the new economy. We need to step aside and have them start writing about transit from their transit taking experiences.

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