Climate Café tonight at The Grove, 71 Orange St., New Haven

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Wednesday, July 27th, five bikers from New England Climate Summer ( will host a potluck and world café discussion on the issues surrounding the burning of fossil fuels. The event will bring community partners and individuals together for an evening of food and good conversation about what New Haven is doing to move away from fossil fuels and what the New Haven community will look like when this transition has been made. Details are as follows:

Where: The Grove, 71 Orange St, New Haven
When: 6:00PM – 8PM

What to expect:

1. Introduction to the Climate Riders and New England Climate Summer

2. Climate Café to envision New Haven without fossil fuels and motivate action towards a rapid and responsible transition. We will be using the World Café model (, in which participants explore an issue by discussing in small table groups, so it is important that we have a wide range of perspectives to generate new ideas!

3. Sharing by community members who are doing work related to the transition away from burning fossil fuels

4. Informal networking

Climate Summer is a movement-building program that aims to communicate the need for a rapid and responsible transition away from fossil fuels. Over 7 weeks, 6 teams across New England bike through towns, carrying this message and connecting people who are contributing to this goal in one way or another. Our team, the RI/CT team, will be in New Haven through to Monday morning, and is connecting with organizations like Elm City Cycling, Act New Haven, City Seed and the New Haven Bioregional/Transition Group. At the potluck, we will share more about our experiences, our stance on fossil fuels, and the interesting work that other communities are doing to move away from fossil fuels.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow! Please RSVP to, and remember to bring food, your own re-usable utensils and, more importantly, friends. This event is for anyone interested in maintaining the health of New Haven’s (and the world’s) environment, economy, and people – so forward this email widely.


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