Tapping into garbage power, across the U.S. and here in Connecticut

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“Waste to energy” — the ability to turn household waste into energy to power cars, homes and businesses — isn’t a new idea; it’s been around for decades. But there’s more interest than ever in this alternative energy source. And now, a growing number of new technologies may enable us to turn even more everyday household waste into energy. How much more?

Phone books being recycled in Branford.

Phone books being recycled in Branford. (cjzurcher)

… Some states already recover energy from household wastes, and others should consider what they have to gain by following suit. Connecticut, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Maine, Virginia, and Minnesota are already deploying an aggressive combination of recycling and energy recovery programs to convert wastes into raw materials and energy resources.

Connecticut is leading the country. Approximately 65 percent of the state’s used plastics were either recycled to create new products or recovered to create energy in 2008. That translates into a lot of alternative energy going right into Connecticut’s homes and businesses and it is good for everyone — government, business, residents, and the environment.

For more on this story, visit: Dr. Nickolas Themelis: Tapping Into America’s Garbage Power.

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