Environmentalists meet to plot strategy in Hartford

Dec 7th, 2011 | By | Category: Featured Story

The future of environmentalism in Connecticut just might be economic development.

At the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters’ 12th Annual Environmental Summit in Hartford Tuesday afternoon, it was growth, not blocking bulldozers, that got the old hands and activists chattering.

Sure, it was obvious Tuesday that some in the tree-hugging community are still steamed at the Malloy administration’s failure to do enough to protect a state-owned conservation tract in the infamous Haddam Land Swap. And yes, cyclists still want more proof that the state Department of Transportation cares about something more than autos and pavement.

But if you think that the environment agenda for next year is just stopping subdivisions or stricter controls on polluters, you’re only partially right. There’s a whole lot more going on with your local conservationists, who are finally retooling for the future.

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