Connecticut newspaper agrees with ‘Energy Advisory Board’ that nuclear power is safe

Dec 12th, 2011 | By | Category: Top Story

The Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering, a private, nonprofit public-service institution modeled after the National Academy of Sciences, presented a report to the Connecticut Energy Advisory Board Friday suggesting that state officials may wish to look seriously at expanding nuclear power plants in Connecticut.

The advisory board requested the academy examine advances in nuclear power technology last year as part of its overall review of the state’s energy policies. Currently, the two Millstone Nuclear power plants in Waterford produce 53 percent of the electricity generated in the state.

The academy’s findings support an expansion of nuclear power in the state, but with certain caveats that must first be addressed — the most significant being the lack of action by the federal government in developing a plan for the disposal of spent fuel and issues revolving around the cost of constructing new plants.

For more on this story, visit: Our View: Nuclear power is safe, efficient – Norwich, CT – The Bulletin.


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2 Comments to “Connecticut newspaper agrees with ‘Energy Advisory Board’ that nuclear power is safe”

  1. Roberta Paro says:

    A letter to the editor of the Norwich Bulletin will be published shortly describing the four principles of sustainability found in The Natural Step. (Currently December 22, 2011.)

  2. Stu Pedassel says:

    These folks are obviously proctologists by trade because they have their heads up their you know whats!

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