State Quietly Laying Plans For a Bear-Hunt Lottery

Jan 11th, 2012 | By | Category: Featured Story, Wildlife

Connecticut wildlife officials have quietly drafted plans for a bear-hunt lottery — a way of deciding who gets to kill a limited number of the animals — and the plan is being reviewed this week by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s office.

Black Bear -- Ursus americanus

Black Bear -- Ursus americanus

The plan could be the first volley in a fight that would ensue long before the first bear lopes into the crosshairs of a rifle scope. Animal activists vow to fight any development that would inch the state closer to a hunt.

For a list of black bear sightings in Connecticut for the past year, visit

For more on this story, visit: Bear Hunt: State Officials Review Proposal For A Bear Hunt Lottery –

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One Comment to “State Quietly Laying Plans For a Bear-Hunt Lottery”

  1. M Mathews says:

    A sighting does not a crime make. It is entirely possible that ten individuals call to report a sighting of one bear. CT has claimed a black bear population of 500. How is it possible that the entire state of CT cannot support 500 bears? It appears that the DEEP is following the New Jersey model in inaccurate reporting of bear activity, and not implementing and enforcing bear proof trash containment. In two years, the NJ Div. of Fish & Wildlife only issued 9 summonses for improper trash containment in known bear areas. Without laws and enforcement, failure to reduce bear/human interaction is inevitable. Leading up to the infamous Chris Christie black bear hunt of 2010, a political payback to his pro-gun, pro-hunt lobby buddies, a fear campaign was launched to instill terror in NJ residents that thousands of black bears were coming into their neighborhoods. The NJ Div. of Fish & Wildlfe has seen a drastic reduction in the sale of hunting licenses in the past decade, and the black bear hunt was their desperate attempt to recruit and retain NJ hunters. CT is simply a ‘copy cat’.

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