New England agenda: Tax code, jobs, energy | James T. Brett via Hartford Business

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Over the past several years, our region and our nation have faced great economic challenges.

We are fortunate here in New England to have weathered this period with less James T. Brettcollateral damage than other parts of the country. Our overall regional unemployment rate continues to be below the national average, and there are many encouraging signs of growth. Our region is a center of innovation, and home to strong financial services, health care, and education sectors.

Still, there is much work to be done. As the only regional business organization focused on improving the overall economic health and quality of life in all six New England states, The New England Council is committed to working with our members and government leaders throughout our region to advocate for public policy that promotes growth and supports our region’s unique economy. The council has several priorities for 2012, and we believe that through cross-sector, regional collaboration, we can bolster our region and continue on the path to recovery.

James T. Brett is the president and CEO of The New England Council, a non-partisan alliance of businesses, academic and health institutions, and public and private organizations throughout New England formed to promote economic growth.

For more on this story, visit: New England agenda: Tax code, jobs, energy | Hartford Business.

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