Sides ready for new round on outdoor wood furnaces

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In 2005, the legislature passed siting rules that said outdoor wood furnaces installed beginning that July had to be 200 feet from a neighboring structure not being heated by the furnace. The top of the stack had to be higher than all the roof peaks within 500 feet, but couldn’t be higher than 55 feet. They had to burn clean wood — no treated wood, trash, leaves or anything else. And fines for violations topped out at $90. Anything in place before the law went into effect was grandfathered — and that included the requirement to burn only clean wood.

Since 2005, DEEP has logged about 1,000 outdoor wood furnace complaints, many multiple for the same locations. But without enough staff to investigate, the department along with the departments of health and consumer protection, produced a guide to train local health departments in furnace issues.

For more on this story, visit: Sides ready for new round on outdoor wood furnaces | The Connecticut Mirror.

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  1. Robbie says:

    its all about education if you burn wet wood youll have tons of smoke which people complain about however if you cover or store wood so it dries you end up with next to no smoke, my neighbors didnt no i had a woodmaster untill this year ive had it since 2000.

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