Haddam Land Swap deal dead. Developer pulls out – Update

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A day after Tuesday’s collapse of the controversial Haddam land swap, the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection published on its website the appraisal documents that led to the deal’s unraveling.

Click here to get to the DEEP website that contains links to the two appraisal reports, which state officials obtained late last year on the properties that would have been swapped in Haddam. The long-form link to the DEEP site is: http://www.ct.gov/dep/cwp/view.asp?a=2706&Q=502068&depNav_GID=1641.

The appraisals found that the 17 acres of state-owned open-space land overlooking the Connecticut River were worth about $1.3 million more than the developers’ 87 acres of wooded land – in Haddam’s Higganum section, away from the river.

For more on this story, visit: Haddam Land Swap Appraisal Documents Now Available Online | Capitol Watch.


Margaret Miner of the Rivers Alliance writes:

“The Haddam Land Swap is dead. The developer pulled out. Marty Mador (Sierra Club) was the first to get the news to my email. He was a VERY committed swap opponent. So thanks, Marty.

“Many are concerned by the section of the Appropriations Committee’s budget adjustment that moves the DEEP conservation branch into the Department of Agriculture. Almost all environmental groups are speaking out against this move. Still, conversations with legislators are a good idea. No need to be harsh. Most legislators didn’t realize exactly what was happening. Many probably still don’t know about it.

“This year, the Land Conveyance Act has a number of highly problematic items. Again, a number of groups are working on the issues raised. Thanks to everyone who sent in news about various parcels.”

David Bingham, a board member of the CT League of Conservation Voters reminds us:

“The land that was offered as a swap to get the Haddam land is also a significant green space. Perhaps those of us who opposed the swap could work to protect that land as well, since many of the players are from the lame area and benefit from the Cockaponset Forest.”


On Tuesday, the developers, Riverhouse Properties, informed the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection that they were pulling out of the deal — citing as a reason the appraisals that DEEP obtained on the two properties late last year.

Those appraisals found that the state’s property overlooking the river was worth $1.3 million more than the developers’ larger parcel in the woods — and, under language in the land-swap bill, the developers would have had to kick in money or property to equalize the swap.

The developers chose not to do so.

For more on this story, visit: Land swap: Hotly Disputed Haddam Land Swap Is Dead – Courant.com.

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