Franklin Elementary School, Stratford, is looking for science volunteers

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The Science Committee at Franklin Elementary School in Stratford, CT is looking for a few volunteers who would be willing to help us out with our first annual Science Career Day! We are a K-6 school and we would like to invite guest speakers into each of the grade levels at some point during the day on June 8th. We hope to begin our day with a whole school assembly to get everyone excited. Throughout the day we would like to have guest speakers visit different classrooms, according to their jobs, and how it relates to the Science content that grade has been studying. Each speaker would have from 30-60 minutes for their grade level (which is from 30-45 students per grade level) and would be able to choose to do an activity, show a power point presentation, bring in something interesting to share and discuss with the students how their job relates to what the students have been studying. Below are the units of study that each grade level has stated they would like to have a visitor discuss:

  • Kindergarten = living/non-living things or habitats
  • 1st = animal needs or life cycles
  • 2nd = nutrition
  • 3rd = animal adaptation or rocks
  • 4th = magnets and electromagnets
  • 5th = chemistry, importance of measurement and mixing OR light/sight, hearing, the 5 senses
  • 6th = water

If anyone is willing to help us out, we would be very grateful. You can contact Keri Paradis or Diana Marchetti at Franklin Elementary, Mondays through Fridays before 3:30 p.m. at 203-385-4190. You can also contact Keri at home at 203-225-0814.

Thank you for your consideration of help,
Franklin School Teachers

Tell them you read about it in CT Environmental Headlines. Thanks!

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