CT Greens vote Dr. Jill Stein at State Convention

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Portland, CT — The Green Party of Connecticut  voted for Dr. Jill Stein to be their Presidential Candidate at their State Party Convention on Saturday, April 28, in Portland, CT.

Running against comedienne-actress Rosanne Barr for the nomination,  the CT Green Party announced that Stein, the Harvard educated medical doctor, received 80% of the vote with the remaining 20% voting  for uncommitted delegates.

Tim McKee, a National Committee member of the Green Party, said “Dr. Stein has now won all 12 primaries and state conventions of the Green Party.  Her message of a Green New Deal, a single payer health care, and supporting the Occupy movement is resonating strongly in Connecticut. We will send our delegates to our Green Party National Presidential Convention in Baltimore, Maryland, July 12-15th.”

“With home state favorite  and past Green Party nominee Ralph Nader not running, CT Greens think we can gather a lot of votes with Dr. Stein locally, and across the nation, McKee added.  He explained “1 percent of the state vote ensures a ballot line for the party, but 5% nationally will win us millions of dollars in matching funds for the future and we think that is really possible in 2012.

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