Conn. lawmakers consider mattress recycling law

May 9th, 2012 | By | Category: Featured Story

Connecticut lawmakers are considering a bill that would be the first in the country to create a mandated statewide program to recycle mattresses. It turns out old mattresses are a bigger issue than you might think.


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The Problem:

•  350,000  -  450,000 mattresses disposed of in CT annually
•  Minimum  annual municipal disposal cost $1.2 million
•  Taxpayers cover costs
•  Illegal dumping is a problem
•  Mattress disposal system is fragmented with towns  hauling to in-  and out-of -state landfills and incinerators (where
equipment damage is an issue)
•  Mattresses can be over 50% of collected bulky waste by weight
•  Greenhouse gas emissions caused by long distance hauling
•  Mattress component materials not being recovered

The Solution:

  • Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation, similar to what Connecticut has for e-waste  and  paint.
  • One industry stewardship organization to design, finance, and run program
  • No disposal cost to taxpayers, state or local gov’t, or private genera tors of mattresses
  • Three years to show results and collect data without gov’t-imposed targets
  • Financing by manufacturers with government role limited to plan review
  • Exemption for small mattress manufacturers
  • There is an opportunity for 95% recycling of mattress component

E -waste EPR legislation   created 20 jobs in CT;  EPR  Paint legislation   is creating  8 -10 jobs.    In 2012,
two mattress recyclers are locating in Bridgeport  and in the  Hartford area , creating 20  –   40 new
Connecticut jobs.    Guaranteed feedstock is the key to this business development, changing “waste”
sent out of state into “r esources” kept in Connecticut to convert into commodities.

Contact coordinators, ,  860 -757 -9962 and Peg Hall
(  603-477 -3527

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