Official shoveling takes place at busway groundbreaking (update)

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Updated material from Sam Handler for Mobilizing the Region

Yesterday, Connecticut broke ground on a 9.4 mile bus rapid transit project that promises to help revitalize the state’s economy and ensure a more sustainable future for Connecticut.

In addition to the groundbreaking, the project, previously known as the New Britain-Hartford Busway, was formally rebranded as CTfastrak. The new name was launched in tandem with a new CTrides public transportation branding campaign.

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It’s been referred to by critics as the “Busway Boondoggle,” the “Magic Bus,” and the “busway to nowhere,” but at a rainy groundbreaking ceremony Tuesday the New Britain-Hartford busway project was officially branded “CTfastrak.”

On the corner of Park Street and Francis Avenue in Hartford, the future site of one of the project’s 11 planned stations, proponents heralded the project as a job-creator that will decrease traffic congestion.

However, the project has been met with criticism from opponents who say it’s a waste of money that won’t be used.

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Read CTfasttrak’s news release here:

CT Mirror:

Hartford — Critics of the Hartford-to-New Britain busway have called the project a lot of bad things recently: “boondoggle” and “folly,” to name a few. On Tuesday, when breaking ground on the project, supporters of the $567 million busway got their turn to brand the project.

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From The Courant:

It took more than 15 years and spanned the terms of three governors, but CTfastrak, nee the Hartford-New Britain busway, is now under construction.

Officials broke ground Tuesday in Hartford’s Parkville neighborhood for the 9.4-mile bus rapid transit link from downtown New Britain through Newington and West Hartford to downtown Hartford. The busway also will serve express buses coming from west of New Britain.

For more on this story, visit: Busway groundbreaking proves state can still do major public works project. –

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  1. John says:

    What an insane waste of taxpayer money. This is absolutely the most ridiculous idea. Look at the buses now. Empty, empty, empty. Govenor Malloy is with out a doubt, THE WORST Govenor that Ct has had. I’m sad to say that I voted for him. I can’t wait to vote him out. With any luck, this road will be of use for the general public

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