ABC’s of parking: cash-out, market-pricing & valet

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After graduating from Stanford University, Patrick Siegman worked at the University’s Office of Transportation Programs. One of his duties was to organize “bicycle valet parking” at Stanford University football games. Valet parking for bicycles is free; volunteers watch your bike while you enjoy an event.

I experienced the benefits of bicycle valet parking a few years ago, when I bicycled to the Clearwater Festival in Croton Point Park. In New Canaan, the Memorial Day Parade, St. Mark’s May Fair and other car-choked events would do well by providing bicycle valet parking.

I heard Siegman speak about “parking cash-out” at a Santa Clara Valley Bicycle Coalition meeting. The concept immediately intrigued me. Parking cash-out is a cash grant, which rewards employees who ride transit, bike, walk or carpool to work. It doesn’t take away the “free” parking to which employees are accustomed; it just “raises the effective price of commuter parking without charging for it.”

To address the parking situation in town, New Canaan officials could offer parking cash-out to Town Hall employees, and through a more comprehensive downtown plan, all employees within the “magic circle.” Donald Shoup’s 1997 study recorded an 11% reduction in parking space demand, after instituting park

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