F&ES receives $230G for landowner partnership around Yale Myers Forest

Jun 18th, 2012 | By | Category: Featured Story, Land

(photo: Harold Shapiro — http://environment.yale.edu/envy/stories/trying-to-keep-the-quiet-corner-quiet/)

The F&ES Quiet Corner Initiative that will engage nearby landowners in the management of the land surrounding the 12-square-mile forest. The initiative recently received $230,293 from the federal government to further implement and expand the partnership of landowners interested in learning about and practicing forestland stewardship.

The quiet corner is one of the last vestiges of densely forested areas in southern New England, and the majority of the land is privately owned. These private forests contain great public value and serve as a strategic asset for the region, providing clean water and air, local and global climate amelioration, conservation and wildlife habitat, and recreational opportunities. However, many forest owners either do not manage their forests or do so without a long-term vision. These factors strongly contribute to resource exploitation, the parcelization, sale and eventual development of forestland, and the loss of open space.

For more on this story, visit: Trying to Keep the Quiet Corner Quiet | environment Yale magazine.

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